Join us Once a Month for Spindoctors YoYo Club!

Founded in 1998 the SpinDoctors is the longest running yoyo club in the in the United States and World. Learn new tricks, trade yoyos and meet people that are passionate about yo-yoing from all over the world. The bay area has long been known as one of the most active yoyo communities in the country and Spindoctors brings them all together with our 20th anniversary in 2017.

Meetings are usually held on the last Saturday of each month in Alameda, California. Join our mailing list and follow our facebook group to receive updates for future meetings and additional bay area related yoyo news.

Spindoctors was founded in 1998 by long-standing yoyo community member David Capurro and is now run and managed by JD (2003 Regional, National and World Champion and recognized National YoYo Master and owner of YoYoBESTBUY and YoYoNation).

We hope to see you at the Spindoctors Bay Area YoYo Club soon!

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